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Velos Property Lawyers are highly respected and its founder and staff all strive to provide expertise, value and excellence in representing their local, interstate and international clients to achieve their goals in securing sound legal advice on all types of property transactions.

Conveyancing & Property Transfers

Property Law is complex and Velos Property Lawyers can help you buy, sell or transfer all types of property with ease be it commercial, industrial or residential.

Property Division & Property Settlements

Reach an amicable, equitable and fair family property settlement whether you were party to a marriage or a defacto relationship.

Retail and Commercial Leases

Setting up a new business or entering into a Lease or a renewal of a Lease?” Let Velos Property Lawyers handle your real estate agreements.

Building Contracts

It is important to obtain sound legal advise when entering into building contracts. Velos Property Lawyers have experience, expertise and are ready and able to assist you with Building Contracts.

Disclosure & Vendor (Section 32) Statements

Prior to selling your commercial property, house, land or apartment you will require an accurate Section 32 Vendor Statement for a successful sale of your property.

Contract Law

Contract Law is complex for the inexperienced. Velos Property Lawyers have handled standard and complex contracts for many years and are ready and able to assist you in your contract and sales of real estate whether you are buying or selling real estate..

Section 173 Agreements

Section 173 Agreements can be complex and an understanding of the law around them is reasonably complicated. Velos Property Lawyers take way the worry for you and advise you on Section 173 Agreements.

Sub Divisions and Developments

Velos Property Lawyers have been handling Sub Divisions and Developments for many years. Utilise our services for a professional, successful and timely outcome.

Adverse Possession

Adverse Possession is an area of the law not generally understood by many and has many pitfalls and can cause headaches for both vendors and purchasers. Let Velos Property Lawyers advise you and handle these difficult issues for you.

Owners Corporation

Owners Corporation (formerly Body Corporation Law) is another area of land ownership for apartment and unit living not clearly understood by the uninitiated. Velos Property Lawyers can provide sound and affordable legal advice and look after all your needs in this area of the law.

Stamp Duty and Land Tax

Velos Property Lawyers can assist you with advice in relation to the requirements of Stamp Duty and Land Tax which can be complicated. Let us advise you and explain your obligations and requirements in real estate transactions.

Mortgages and Loan Agreements

Buying a property is said to be one of the biggest investments you will make in your life and that generally comes with entering into Mortgage and Loan Agreements. Let Velos Property Lawyers provide sound legal advice options for you to consider all options open to you.

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We are ready and able to provide advice, appear and also brief experienced Expert Counsel on an urgent basis to attend in order to best defend, safeguard and advance your rights and interests in all property law matters.

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