Mortgage and Loan Agreements


It is said that the biggest investment you will make in your life is property.  Commonly, the purchase of property involves a loan and that entails completing mortgage or loan agreements with a bank or other financial institution. Unless you are ‘cashed up’ it will be necessary to attend a bank or lending institution to finance your purchase and that will involve signing complicated mortgage or loan agreement papers.

It is highly recommended you employ experienced, professional lawyers such as Velos Property Lawyers to assist you in ensuring the mortgage or loan agreement documents contain no pitfalls or hidden costs or that you are capable of being able to comply with the requirements of re paying the loan.  Velos Property Lawyers have had many, many years of experience in dealing with mortgage and loan agreement documents with numerous banks and financial institutions and can assist you in all facets of these contracts.

How we can help

With over 35 years of supporting our clients with mortgage and loan agreements we can help you with the following and more:

  • Examining mortgage and loan agreements
  • Providing advice regarding these agreements
  • Explaining the requirements and obligations under these agreements
  • Drawing up loan and mortgage documents
  • Advising in negotiating these agreements
  • Negotiating during periods of hardship
  • Litigating in these agreements when banks and financial institutions issue legal proceedings to take possession of a property
  • Issue proceedings to take possession

Contact us

If you require expert legal services in relation to Mortgages and Loan Agreements and all property law matters, speak to us as soon as possible so that we can advice you and adequately prepare you for the range of legal matters that you will need to consider.

We are ready and able to provide advice, appear and also brief experienced Expert Counsel on an urgent basis to attend in order to best defend, safeguard and advance the rights and interests of our clients.