I experienced John’s exceptional academic and personal skills. His professionalism is admirable and most importantly, John is a Lawyer that you can call and expect to speak to or receive a call back on the same day.

John’s in-depth knowledge and experience within Bankruptcy matters increased the overall outcome of my settlement between the Trustee and myself.

John is an excellent negotiator. He dealt with a Trustee where the matter was previously very badly damaged; I thought all hope was gone. My husband was declared bankrupt in 2014. It was the messiest of all bankruptcies – the business was a partnership and the other Director’s wife was the Administration Manager/Bookkeeper and so on. I knew nothing.

Years later, the appointed Trustee was seeking foreclosure on my Family home. I went into panic mode and engaged the wrong legal and financial representatives recommended by the other Director and his wife. This was a plot to use me and destroy me, as I was the only one with an asset, the family home. I became depressed, reclusive and helpless. I contemplated suicide, as did my Husband many times. We both sought counselling and could barely meet financial obligations for years. Our two very young children were becoming extremely affected and with the help of my loving family, I decided to make a change. I needed an independent, professional and reputable lawyer. I was told to look no further than John Velos. I made the life changing phone call to Bo at Velos & Velos. Bo showed interest, empathy and professionalism. I was booked in to see John the next day. It’s been “all systems go” ever since. I have never once felt doubt or been in two minds over the representation from John Velos.

John Velos was a beacon of hope to my children and me at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Not only was John able to defend me from unjust accusations, but also his calm and empathetic demeanour offered emotional support to myself and filtered through to those I care about most.

The overall settlement figure between the Trustee and myself was a third of the initial demand.

Velos & Velos also came in under budget for their legal fees, which were outlined within our initial consultation. There were never any grey areas. In less than 6 months, John Velos reached an extremely satisfactory settlement figure.

My previous legal team consisting of 2 Lawyers, 1 Forensic Accountant and 2 CPA’s were a waste of 2 years and too much money that I didn’t have. In closing, I was worried I would lose everything but John got us sorted out after just a couple of months. I’d engage him again. My children and I are eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Mr. John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers without reservation.

Angelique S-T.