The Law & De Facto Relationships

In 2009 changes to the laws in Australia have made it so that de facto relationships have similar rights and obligations as married couples. This means that many of the same rules including those related to finances and children still apply.

What qualifies as a de facto relationship is based on a number of factors including

  • the duration of the relationship;
  • the nature and extent of common residence;
  • whether a sexual relationship exists;
  • the degree of financial dependence or interdependence and arrangements for financial support;
  • the ownership, use and acquisition of their property;
  • the decree of mutual commitment to a shared life;
  • whether the relationship is or was registered under a prescribed law of a State/Territory;
  • the care and support of children; and
  • the reputation and public aspects of the relationship


The Law & Same Sex Relationships

Same sex relationships are viewed in the same way as de facto relationships under the law and as such have the same rights and responsibilities. This can impact upon the rights and responsibilities of land and property owners and Velos & Velos Property Lawyers can assist in any property disputes relating to these relationships.


How We Can Help

Many people in de facto relationships are unaware of their legal rights or obligations. We can help you understand the situation and to ensure that you have a favourable outcome. We have provided legal services to our clients for over 35 years and having worked with many de facto and same sex relationships we are aware of and can help you through all of the legal hurdles to find a fast and satisfactory result.

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